“Alan is Amazing. A true healer, with a palpable respect for his patients. It’s hard to quantify or explain exactly what happens in each cranial sacral session, but profound and deep healing occur. Barriers get broken. Understanding is achieved. The path forward is revealed one step at a time. He has the amazing ability to hold a safe space for his patients and offer explanations for things that need context. I highly recommend his cranial sacral therapy.”

– Olga K. Mississauga ON

“I went to see Alan Canon for stress relief and was amazed to see instant improvement in a foot injury as a result of his therapy. I was a believer before, but now I’m devout. Alan’s cranial sacral work is divine.”

– Chris O

“I was so lucky to find Alan. He is a gifted and intuitive body therapist. He was gentle, effective, and does profoundly deep work. He helped me to integrate physically many emotional/spiritual changes that I had made recently. I highly recommend his work.”

– Maria

“3rd cranial session and I continue to be amazed at his magical healing abilities–truly gifted, intuitive, and talented. I have been having a lot ongoing stress, digestive issues, and other muscle tension and as the session went on I could feel my body going into a deep, grounded state of calm and relaxation. Went in feeling exhausted and a little frazzled, left feeling absolutely amazing, excited about life, and like I had been in the warm, kind, supportive hands of a magical practitioner.”

– Elina Harris. Toronto ON

“I have been having amazing sessions with Alan. I find his work to be more relaxing than a regular massage. It really puts me deeply in touch with my body and feels restorative and healing. I have had some limited experience with other therapists doing similar work, and my impression of Alan is that he is very skilled and has an excellent, caring and grounded presence that makes deep work possible. I am very happy to have the opportunity to pursue an ongoing therapeutic relationship with Alan.”

– Carl. Oakville ON

“I feel so grateful to have found Alan when I did. He responded to my urgent needs with great integrity and care and I’m not sure where I’d be without the healing he facilitated. Highly recommended and well worth it! It’s also wonderful that he is out near the park, great place to visit after a session with Alan Canon.”

– Elise N. Buffalo NY

“I started seeing Alan for craniosacral therapy a couple of months ago based on his great reviews. I’m continually impressed with the skill, intuition and presence he brings to each session. I feel that he is always fully present and mindful of me from the moment I walk in the room until the moment I leave. His own energy is calming, positive and healing to be around and his touch puts me into an almost immediate meditative state. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and tension for over 15 years. During and after a session with Alan I experience a surprising ease in my body’s movement and tremendous freeing up of my own healing energy. On the practical side of things… he has an online appointment system which makes for the easiest scheduling I’ve ever encountered. With minimal effort I can quickly find an appointment that works with my schedule and even schedule out several appointments in advance.”

– Nick Nolan.

“After a treatment with Alan Canon I felt more grounded and positive. With a condition that affects the walking, having better balance and less back pain was wonderful. The therapy was performed with respect to the person and he listens and asks for your preference to enhance the time spent together. I felt like I was in caring and healing hands.”

– Norma Bringer. Huston TX

“Alan has a unique talent for osteopathic therapy. He can be subtle or provide deep tissue massage, whichever you like. His training in cranial sacral therapy is very valuable.”

– Bob Hachigan. Ottawa

“I was in a car accident in University that damaged my 5th and 6th vertebrae. For 40 years I have tried many practitioners in the hope of relieving a disability that restricted movement and caused continual discomfort. Alan Canon magically fixed the problem in a few sessions over a few weeks. Amazing. I am so impressed by his work that I am now enjoying the clinic’s other treatments including acupuncture, ozone therapy, nutrition and exercise recommendations.”

– Don Fenton. Toronto, ON