BioMat Therapy

Used by Health Care professionals all over the world Health care professionals all over the world are using the BioMat to augment and enhance their treatment options. Spa owners, yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists and many others are finding the BioMat enhances their treatments and adds value for their clients/patients.

The patented BioMat system was developed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, medical professionals and engineers who found an innovative way to capture the proven benefits of far infrared treatment and negative ion therapy in a range of products that are durable, comfortable, cost-effective and easy to use. The efficacy of BioMat source technology has been confirmed by numerous third-party sources, and the product has been subjected to a battery of antibacterial, electromagnetic and emission power tests. The BioMat complements many health disciplines

The BioMat complements many health disciplines, providing a pleasant and stimulating treatment experience for patients and excellent short and long-term results. Professional clients include: chiropractors; massage therapists; acupuncture & TCM practitioners; yoga teachers; craniosacral therapists; naturopaths; estheticians; fitness trainers and physiotherapists.

Healing Benefits

The healing benefits of the BioMat’s far infrared rays and negative ion therapy are far ranging and applications include:
• Relaxation of muscles
• Increase of local circulation where applied

Temporary relief of:

• Minor muscle pain
• Minor joint pain and stiffness
• Joint paint associated with arthritis
• Muscle spasms
• Minor sprains
• Minor strains
• Minor muscular back pain

Other benefits some practitioners have found include:

• Reduces stress and fatigue
• Soothes and relaxes
• Supports the immune system
• Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)
• Reduced inflammation (where applied)
• Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)
• Promotes relaxation by application of heat
• Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness
• Aids in meditation for wellness due to the relaxation of muscles and promotion of relaxation by application of soothing heat

A combination of far infrared rays, negative ion and the conductive properties of amethyst channels Imagine being able to feel better while you relax in soothing heat. That’s the benefit of the amethyst BioMat technology: it’s effortless, easy to use, and feels great while it provides muscle relaxation and temporary relief of the aches pains, spasms sprains strains and stiffness outlined in the US FDA’s medical Device 510K Indications for Use. Simply adjust the control panel settings, position yourself comfortably on your BioMat, and let the deep-penetrating far infrared rays and negative ions go to work. It’s that simple. Even a short time on the BioMat reduces stress, muscle tension and the aches and pains in the US FDA’s medical Device 510K Indications for Use. Most BioMat users find that the time they spend on their BioMat is the best part of their day, and a great way to unwind. Some say it’s like receiving a spa treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Using the amethyst BioMat for just a short time each day leaves your body relaxed and refreshed, and it’s designed to fit your lifestyle. Use the BioMat while you relax with a good book or in front of the television. Use it at bed-time and drift into sleep, or incorporate the BioMat into your fitness, relaxation or meditation routine.

The core of the BioMat technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ion and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in a single, easy-to-use product with remarkable benefits. It’s a safe and natural way to own the ability to enjoy life for years to come with FDA approved temporary relief from minor spasms, minor sprains , minor strains, minor joint pain associated with arthritis, minor muscle pain and more. This highly effective therapy is now available to medical professionals and home consumers who want to improve health and well-being with products based on Nobel prize-winning scientific research pioneered by NASA and developed using pure, natural materials.